About Us


Petersen Translations was started by Kyle Petersen in 1997 after traveling to different countries, observing various cultures and seeing a need to accurately portray specialized texts from one language in a manner that would allow a target audience in another country speaking another language to fully grasp all of the nuances in the original text. He especially noticed inaccurate translations in the financial, medical and legal areas.

20 Years of Success Built on Trust and Accurate, Prompt Specialized Translations

Since then, over 15 million words have been translated giving countless satisfied clients the precise translations needed to make due diligence decisions, obtain convictions or acquittals, apply for patents, provide the best possible care to patients, obtain drug approvals and correctly manufacture pharmaceuticals in additional countries.


Kyle personally speaks, reads and writes German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian to varying degrees. He has lived in Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, and the Ukraine. He attended university in Sweden and Germany. He has worked in Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Italy, the UK, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, and Argentina. He has also visited another 15 countries over the years

On the basis of living, working, and studying in the various countries, he has obtained a very good feeling for the nuances of the different cultures and linguistic subtleties that can only be learned by years of immersion. This expertise is incorporated into the translations to ensure a level of quality that can probably not be found elsewhere.

In addition, Kyle worked in Corporate Finance for 15 years up to the level of Asst. CFO of a multi-billion dollar public company, and is an actively licensed Certified Public Accountant. This provides additional expertise needed for accurate specialized financial translations.

German - spoken 40 years completed DSH Pruefung, Goethe Institut Zertifikat, attended Technische Universitaet zu Berlin, lived in Berlin and Marburg, Germany, 10,000,000+ words translated

 French spoken 20 years, lived and worked in Belgium, 1,000,000+ words translated

 Spanish spoken 20 years, lived and worked in Argentina, 250,000+ words translated

Polish spoken 15 years, lived and worked in Poland, 100,000+ words translated

 Dutch spoken 10 years, lived and worked in Belgium, 225,000+ words translated

 Swedish spoken 20 years, attended Lulea Tekniska Universitet, attended Uppsala Universitet, lived in Uppsala and Lulea, 250,000+ words translated 

 Other Language Pairs – Russian and Ukrainian spoken 15 years, lived and worked in the Ukraine; many translations have been completed from Russian, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Danish, Italian, Portuguese, and Afrikaans into English